Most of what I feel is that action is slow, my suggestions and efforts are at best heard but not adopted or executed, and that I don’t matter

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I matter when it comes to making sure their jobs are smoother, but I don’t really matter when I want to question or suggest change. Quite frankly, it upsets me. I have learned good boundaries over the years by speaking up and saying no when I really cannot, and learned to manage my expectations, but I still can’t shake that feeling of being taken advantage of or ignored. Why work so hard for leaders when the most I get is, ‘Thank you so much. We really appreciate you.’? I mean, at the very least, even a badge to stick on my bag would be nice!

The ideal education mentor I could think of is someone who genuinely prays for the success of other co-educators and not only of his/her own

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I want to be remembered as someone who values learning more than grades. Someone who considers the welfare of her students and someone who can be a good role model to them. I don’t want to be the type of educator who instills fear and is terror to the students but rather inspire them to strive and study hard, someone that they can easily open up with, of course with teacher-student boundaries.

Supervisors want their students to succeed

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These suggestions I have provided above can be summarized as: (1) being assertive and (2) communicating both clearly and often. Given that being assertive is difficult in a relationship where there is a power imbalance, why would you want to do this difficult work?

The moment might pass or you might actually miss a big opportunity because you didn’t grab it when you had the chance

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Come to think of it, I think I need to start leaning towards seizing the moment instead of pausing to think every once in a while. I think that I was accustomed to thinking this way because of my fear of failing and making mistakes.

Leadership is relationship (and vulnerability is essential in building relationships)

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I had always viewed my relationships with the younger girls in young life as being primarily one-way, me pouring into them and being their friend, but not vis-versa. I made a pretty clear distinction between my relationships with them, and friendships. In their eyes, I am their friend, but they are not mine. They looked up to me, a lot. And I wanted our times together to be about them, not me. But in this moment, where Maya so passionately wanted me to open up, I realized the power of vulnerability.

Leadership is about anyone who has engaged in mentorship, anyone who is someone’s role model, and anyone whose duty of care reaches beyond themselves

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In case you’ve never heard my definition of leadership, it is pretty broad. I don’t think it’s about titles or hierarchy, I think it’s about anyone who has engaged in mentorship, anyone who is someone’s role model, and anyone whose duty of care reaches beyond themselves.

We can grow as individuals if we remember that we can’t learn unless we expose ourselves to new situations, thoughts, and ideas

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So try something new every once in awhile. Talk to someone you disagree with and have a real conversation. Go somewhere you haven’t been to before or go for that Promotion!