Most of what I feel is that action is slow, my suggestions and efforts are at best heard but not adopted or executed, and that I don’t matter

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I matter when it comes to making sure their jobs are smoother, but I don’t really matter when I want to question or suggest change. Quite frankly, it upsets me. I have learned good boundaries over the years by speaking up and saying no when I really cannot, and learned to manage my expectations, but I still can’t shake that feeling of being taken advantage of or ignored. Why work so hard for leaders when the most I get is, ‘Thank you so much. We really appreciate you.’? I mean, at the very least, even a badge to stick on my bag would be nice!

Supervisors want their students to succeed

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These suggestions I have provided above can be summarized as: (1) being assertive and (2) communicating both clearly and often. Given that being assertive is difficult in a relationship where there is a power imbalance, why would you want to do this difficult work?